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Since 2003, the Tremors have been serenading music lovers with their raw and unruly backwoods rockabilly rhythms and causing more uptempo commotion than should be allowed by law. A night with the Tremors is a hell-bent chicken run into the primordial goodness of authentic rock'n'roll boogie.


Jimmy Tremor's strung-out yelp has the nervous jump of Carl Perkins on his way to rehab, his lean guitar attack snarling in sparse intensity. The rhythm section frantically rattles the rafters with a mean streak as Lowbrow Luke's slap bass, goes toe-to-toe with the rim shots of Stretch Armstrong, resulting in a feverish foundation loaded down with tons of home-spun hillbilly charm.


The bands dedication to the musical roots of rock'n'roll comes through in every whipsaw atomic blast and their original compositions capture the spirit and sounds of 1950s rockabilly so well that they blend seamlessly with the choice first-generation cover material that the band has hand-picked to perform.


Over the years, the Tremors have self-produced five releases ("The Scourge of the South", "Uranium Rock", "Invasion of the Saucermen", "Demon Boogie Fever" and "Old-Fashioned Hillbilly Feud") on their own label, Brain Drain Records, and have been included on more than a dozen compilations. They've played hundreds of shows, some with major talents (such as band favorites Jerry Lee Lewis and Hasil Adkins), infamous characters (mountain dancer Jesco White) and have appeared at top festivals like the Oneida Rockin' 50s Fest, the Nashville Boogie and the Heavy Rebel Weekender.


Rockabilly, the most primitive form of rock'n'roll, the sound that changed the world. No living soul can resist it's appeal.


The Tremors are currently accepting bookings.  For booking information, please fill out the contact form below, or send an email to


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